Importance of Brand Security

The reason for this article stems from one of the biggest and most important brands & devices we all carry in our pockets, the iDevice… whether it be A laptop, an iPad or an iPhone, the fruit based product manufacturer are leading the way in information security, and it’s time we, as marketeers kept up with the trend as it’s so important.

SSL certificates are relatively cheap, and easy to install for the digital marketer, and we should be recommending them to our clients as they are now a necessity. This is of course an opinion, but when the first thing you see when visiting a website is ‘Not Secure’ I would be inclined to leave the website, and pick an alternative provider.

This isn’t a new issue, but the way in which iOS and other platforms now prioritise these simple but important security issues is now highlighting it for businesses large and small. What’s the easy answer? In short, sort out your security, not only for vanity, but for actual securities and reputations-sake!