• Study company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs
  • Conduct marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy according to¬†objectives and budget
  • Prepare detailed proposals and marketing plans
  • Advise on branding, positioning, communications and other marketing issues
  • Give direction to¬†marketing efforts with the most effective methods and tools
  • Liaise with marketing department and external vendors
  • Monitor marketing projects and analyse results
  • Write reports with suggestions for improvements and new ideas

Business & Change Management

  • Oversee and lead change management projects, including the researching, implementation and assessment from start to finish
  • Managing the communications and views internally
  • Creating and conducting the coaching and training sessions, including e-learning for various audiences, including customer management and leadership.
  • Having an understanding of the objectives and being able to project these in the classes
  • Understanding sales initiatives and prospects, being involved in internal sales meetings
  • Ensuring project goals are met and executed by working with numerous internal resources
  • Mentoring and supporting junior team members and assigning tasks where relevant
  • Long term relationship building with both clients and colleagues
  • Acknowledge and address any client issues and resolve these with the intent of exceeding client expectation
  • Helping with and leading on any colleague engagement programmes to do with internal change management
  • Identifying suitable communication strategies and building on these, reviewing the plans and delivering reports to the executives

IT & Systems Implementation

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of procedures and systems within your workflows
  • Fine-tuning procedures and practices to enable a more efficient level of productivity
  • Systems analysis, and recommendations based on business & real-life research into your business
  • Liaise with 3rd party software/tech providers on your behalf to convert the jargon into real-business results
  • Periodic checks/training to ensure productivity and systems take-up has been successful
  • Gaining trust, and building relationships within businesses that are pre-tech
  • Introducing technology to improve people's workload and stress
  • Board level reporting on project status, and take-up at floor level.

Branding & Creative Design

  • Brand & market positioning analysis for new, re-branding, or re-styling for other markets
  • Creative & initial brainstorming process to feed into the fine-tuning detailed project
  • Designing of logos, brands, colour palettes, and websites
  • Consideration for all things marketing in terms of how brands will be visualised through varying media
  • PR & News training/management
  • Social Media development & style guidance
  • Production of Brand Guidelines.
  • Content planning for both traditional, digital and future-means

Business Management Information

Giving your business access to information, insights and enabling you to grow with precision, ease, and strategy, and that’s just the beginning…

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Our Scope of Works

With experience in the Telecoms, Retail and Finance industries, we have a wide skill set to provide a great foundation of any business management consulting.

Remote or On-Site

Coronavirus has changed how we work, and adapt we must! Whether your project is office-based or remote, we can facilitate meetings in-person or via Zoom/Teams/Google Meet.

Tech & Systems Knowledge

Experience in Power BI, Advanced SQL & Dashboard reporting using big data, transactional reporting & qualitative data analysis.

Systems test & feedback

Rigorous systems testing, UI, UX analysis and customer journey refinement

Unified Business Analytics

Helps unify organisational data with and get insights from reports blending across business functions. Giving you access to the right information, at the right time.

Brand Consultancy

Let us evaluate the customer touch-points of your brand, the experience from advertising, to customer purchase, and re-marketing through CRM & Loyalty systems.

Roadmap & Strategy

Whether you need a temporary Marketing Director, or some assistance with copywriting/graphic design, we can slot into your organisation where needed, and give varying levels of consultancy/support.

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    Buzz Words

    A few skills that we have, and for the purposes of easy reading what we can do for you!

    • HTML/CSS Development
    • Power BI Reporting
    • Device Management & Implementation
    • Responsive Design & Bootstrap
    • Marketing Campaign Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Training & Development
    • Brand Management
    • Owned & Paid Media
    • Loyalty Club Development
    • Photography
    • Email Marketing
    • CRM & Software Development
    • UI & UX Experience
    • Agency & Internal Experience
    • Graphic Design
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Sponsorships
    • Board Presentations & Data
    • Process Engineering
    • Big Data Management & Processing

    Industries of Expertise

    Tech & Digital Marketing

    Working both in an industry and in-house capacities, we have worked with digital giants on their marketing strategy, delivery and review.

    Finance & Banking

    Branding, Forms, Process Engineering and Marketing strategy for challenger brands in the industry, likewise working alongside stalwart industry pioneers in multiple jurisdictions.

    EPOS, ERP & Retail

    Working with one of the UK's largest retailers to provide real-time EPOS data, synced with an ERP system rollout throughout warehousing, retail, F&B and hospitality.